Ceta RamkhalawansinghManager, Diversity Management and Community Engagement; City of Toronto

Roadmap: 2030 September 21 & 22, 2010 Appel Salon in the Toronto Reference Library

Ceta Ramkhalawansingh

Manager, Diversity Management & Community Engagement; City of Toronto

Ceta Ramkhalawansing

Ceta Ramkhalawansing

Ceta Ramkhalawansingh is the Manager, Diversity Management and Community Engagement, City Manager’s Office, with responsibilities for the City of Toronto’s access, equity and human rights programs including: the preparation of accountability reports on corporate implementation, monitoring legislative proposals that impact on human rights protected groups, policy development, facilitation of advisory committees on Disability Issues and Aboriginal Affairs, community liaison and outreach, internal advocacy with City Divisions and public awareness programs.

She was the Manager, Equal Opportunity of the former City of Toronto, where she was responsible for many pioneering human rights and employment equity policies and programs, including the City’s anti-discrimination requirements for civic agencies, grant recipients and suppliers of goods and services.

In the mid ’70’s,  she worked for the Toronto Board of Education’s Work Group on Multicultural Programs whose proposals led to the implementation of many pioneering programs aimed at the rapidly increasing diversity in Toronto schools. She was a co-founder of the University of Toronto’s Women’s Studies Program where she taught for seven years. In 1983 she began a five year term on the Ontario Government’s Advisory Council on Women’s Issues. She has served on numerous voluntary sector boards, is actively involved at the neighbourhood level on social housing, land use planning and heritage preservation, and has received numerous awards for her work in social justice and human rights issues.