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Saeed Selvam

Community Activist

Saeed Selvam

Saeed Selvam

Saeed Selvam’s focus is on social change, human rights and justice. From a very young age, this trailblazing Tae-Kwon Do black belt has been redefining the possible, through humanitarian actions and non-stop advocacy for a better world. At the young age of 16, Saeed was elected Director of Youth-Police Relations for the Toronto Youth Cabinet (Municipal representatives for youth within city hall), shortly after, Saeed initiated a nation-wide press conference condemning the 2005 boxing day shootings and assisted in putting youth issues on the map for years to come in the City of Toronto.

As a passionate and tireless youth advocate, Saeed initiated multiple projects both in his highschool and in the communities he served aimed at empowering youth to recognize their potential to escape negative situations and poverty. He and a team led the largest student-led event at Oakwood Collegiate in the history of the Toronto District School Board. He simultaneously acted as a youth advisor to the Chief of Police and the Stop the Violence Foundation of the Toronto Argonauts, along with co-facilitating a grassroots project aimed at targeting youth violence called Project PEACE, and acting as a spokesperson forRock the Vote Canada.

After sampling involvement in many nonprofit organizations, Saeed decided that youth needed strong support in implementing their world-changing ideas into action. While at the University of Toronto as a full-time student, he created Change12, a non-profit organization aimed at empowering and assisting youth to make a difference in their communities while educating themselves efficiently about social change. Change12 has been federally incorporated and Saeed served as the youngest Executive Director of the youngest-led nonprofit organization in the Canada at age 18. He is an activist, a visionary, political entrepreneur and a strong leader who has helped many people push their own limits to achieve success and greatness in their lives. Under Saeed’s leadership, Change12 partnered with the CBC and he Executively Produced, Directed and co-hosted alongside Valerie Fernandes and Bobby Singh Brown, the first pilot TV show of its kind aimed at highlighting positive youth initiatives in the city of Toronto which aired in 2008.

Saeed was a MeToWe and Top 20 Under 20 Award semi-finalist and has won many awards such as the Lincoln Alexander Award for Leadership in the Elimination of Racial Discrimination, Canadian Millennium Excellence National Scholarship, Mandela Equity Award and the Canadian Association of Principals Award, along with features in every major media outlet in Canada. Saeed was also appointed by the Minister of Citizenship and Immigration to serve as a panel Judge of the Ontario Newcomer Champion Awards.

Saeed’s achievements are only a small testament to what he would like to accomplish in life, his dream is to become a political figure as his passion is to serve, make a positive difference and be an even more effective agent of change. His creative and innovative ability to devise unprecedented, yet practical solutions to some of today’s most complex global/local problems along with an uncanny ability to inspire, has made him one of the most revered individuals in his age category, by youth and prominent leaders alike.

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