Who is MAP for?

  • The broadcast/production industry, including broadcasters, managers, broadcast executives, journalists, technical and support staff. MAP will be of service to large and small production businesses, organizations and associations that want to know how to make their facilities accessible, and how to attract people with disabilities as guests, employees or audience members. MAP will help production units to find solutions to questions related to accessibility and portrayal, and will also provide services to other communication-related organizations and businesses.
  • Creative people with disabilities, including: established professionals, emerging professionals, and aspiring professionals who may still be in school. MAP will help people with disabilities get a clearer picture of the broadcast/production industries—how they work, what the possibilities are, how to participate.
  • Educational Institutions, including post-secondary, secondary and elementary schools. Map will help to eliminate some of the attitudinal barriers that prevent people with disabilities from participating in the broadcast/production sector and will provide tools for educators to attract, and be inclusive of, creators with disabilities in media, creative, technical and theatre programs. MAP will also deliver and adapt skills development programs targeted towards creative people with disabilities, in parallel with formal educational programs.
  • Employment agencies, including those which specialize in disability and those which specialize in media. The MAP Initiative will increase their awareness of the possibilities within the broadcast/production industries.