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Trina Bučko

National Director, Organizational Inclusion Strategies, Aboriginal Human Resource Council

Trina Bučko

Trina Bučko

Trina Bučko is a member of the Mattagami First Nation, near Timmins, Ontario and a nationally recognized leader in Aboriginal inclusion and career development in Canada. She is an accomplished workshop facilitator and keynote presenter known for delivering engaging and informative presentations both in Canada and abroad.

Trina is a certified project manager, designated professional instructor and essential skills analyst with a passion for Aboriginal human resource development. She directs all training activities and content development for the council’s Mastering Aboriginal Inclusion and Guiding Circles programs. By applying her experience in community development, small business and Aboriginal inclusion – Ms. Bučko carries the skills of a top-flight facilitator that knows how to create sustainable alliances between Aboriginal people and employers.

Trina’s work to mentor career development practitioners on the delivery of the Guiding Circles program has positioned hundreds of individuals across Canada with the skills to unlock the career potential of First Nations, Métis and Inuit people.

By creating a positive and comfortable learning environment in her Mastering Aboriginal Inclusion workshops, Trina also helps organizational strategists, HR professionals and educators build their business case for inclusion and strategies to create inclusive workplaces that help them recruit, retain and advance Aboriginal people and improve their bottom line.
She has been instrumental in building Guiding Circles as a landmark program in Canada, which is also being delivered in Australia and New Zealand. Trina now looks forward to further advancing Mastering Aboriginal Inclusion in Canada and internationally to the Indigenous world.

Prior to joining the council in 2002, Trina worked for an Aboriginal Human Resource Development Agreement Holder (AHRDA) as a liaison between three tribal councils and regional companies in northern Ontario. She continues to lend her insights into Aboriginal career development and workforce inclusion to a number of organizations and projects such as the Canadian Racism Free Workplace Strategy, the Toronto District School Board and many industry sectors; including mining, electricity and environment.

Trina’s home base is in the Toronto region.