Roadmap: 2030; October 25 & 26, 2011; Appel Salon of the Toronto Reference Library

Presenter – Jeff Good

Jeff Good, President, Goodworld Consulting

Jeff speaks in “2030’s Leaders” on October 26th.Jeff Good is President and Founder of Goodworld Consulting, an agency providing a world of good advice to charities and not-for-profits. After graduating from Queen’s he spent 20 years in for-profit sales and marketing, developing a varied skill set working with organizations like Procter & Gamble and General Mills. In 2005 he successfully made the leap into the charitable world and joined the YMCA’s fundraising team, and subsequently led Junior Achievement of Central Ontario as President and CEO for 3 years. In 2010 he founded Goodworld Consulting, which has since delivered every day on its Mission of helping other organizations achieve their Mission.

Jeff is actively involved in his community and has received recognition for his role as the organizer of an annual Beaches Clean Ravine community park clean up and as a long-term Scout leader, and is an annual volunteer at the Goodlife Toronto Marathon. A proud “fan” of the city of Toronto, and an even prouder parent to two great teenagers, he strives to make a difference for those who need it most.

Twitter: @goodworldguy