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Roadmap: 2030; October 25 & 26, 2011; Appel Salon of the Toronto Reference Library

Presenter – Robert Pearson

Robert Pearson, Director, Accessible Digital Media, Accessible Media Inc.

Robert is speaking in “Diversity Gets Social” on October 26th.

Robert is an information technology professional who has been functioning, influencing, and engaging in the accessibility industry since 1999. He is a trainer, website and standards developer and industry advocate. Beginning with the Canadian federal government and then working abroad, Robert focused on standards adoption, the provision of training and application of tools. During his time as manager of accessibility for a major Canadian financial institution, Robert sat as a contributing member of the Accessibility Directorate of Ontario’s (AODA) Information and Communications Standards development committee. Robert is also a founding member of the Canadian Financial Institutions Roundtable on Accessible Technology (CFIAT). Robert has joined Accessible Media Inc. as their Director, Accessible Digital Media. He also began speaking about his experiences within the industry and some of the challenges he has faced both personally and professionally.

Twitter: @a11ymedia