Michael BryantSenior Advisor, Ogilvy Renault

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Michael Bryant

Sr. Advisor, Ogilvy Renault

Michael Bryant

Michael Bryant

Michael Bryant assists clients with commercial and investment matters relating to energy, cleantech, natural resources and infrastructure/public-private partnerships. Prior to joining the firm, Mr. Bryant held important roles in the Ontario public sector, as Attorney General, Minister of Economic Development, Minister of Aboriginal Affairs, Government House Leader and, more recently, founding President and CEO of Invest Toronto, an arm’s length economic development agency.  He served as a Member of Provincial Parliament for 10 years, winning three elections in his mid-town Toronto constituency, and served on the Executive Council of Ontario from 2003 to 2009.

During his term as Ontario’s Aboriginal Affairs Minister, he negotiated a multibillion dollar revenue sharing agreement with Ontario First Nations, returned Ipperwash Provincial Park to its First Nation and established the $25 million New Relationship Fund.

While Minister of Economic Development, a role he assumed on the cusp of an unprecedented recession, his department secured over $1.5 billion of investments in manufacturing, info tech, clean tech, life sciences, and aerospace.  He worked closely with global business leaders, large and small investors, entrepreneurs, all levels of government and industry experts.

Mr. Bryant was also the lead representative for Ontario during the auto industry crisis, working closely with the federal government, US officials and senior global managers at Chrysler, GM, Ford, Toyota and Honda.

Prior to his career as a legislator, Mr. Bryant practised law as a commercial litigator for a large national law firm, clerked at the Supreme Court of Canada, and taught law and politics at Osgoode Hall and King’s College (London).  He has published several articles and books on public affairs and law.